Smallbore and Cast Bullet Match Results

Attached are the results from Jefferson County Gun Club’s October and November small-bore prone matches. Once again I have failed to get these out in a timely manner, my apologies.

For our October match we had six competitors, thanks to each of you for attending! Junior competitors Caden and Connor were back and are both learning quickly, both scored above 190 on all target cards in all matches! Time for these young men to start shooting head to head with all competitors!

This month’s match was won by Fred who once again brought out the good ammo for the 100yd targets and managed to drop only one point to finish up with a 1595! Bill and Mark rounded out the adult scores for the day; Bill winning matches 1 and 2 and Fred taking matches 3 and 4.

November saw five hardy souls brave the first cool weather match for the year and try their luck against Mother Nature and her fickle winds! As seen by the scores it was a challenging day for all; Bill took the win with a 1588 followed closely by Fred, Mark, and John. George was our only F-class competitor and the winds really worked him over on that tiny target but he stayed with it and done well; It was windy enough that no competitor shot a clean match the entire day. Bill won Match 1 with a 399, Fred took Match 2 with a 397. Mark won Match 3 with a 398, and Fred came back to take Match 4 with a 396 narrowly edging Bill with x’s.

After the November SB match John Wallis thoroughly whipped yours truly in the Cast Bullet match 196 to 193; Good shooting John!!!

John and I are discussing next year’s cast bullet match format and considering some changes. Instead of prone target rifle every month we are considering mixing in some military rifle, sporting rifle, handgun, perhaps an offhand match, etc. Prone events could be limited to the cooler months while the warmer weather could be dedicated to bench competition. Your thoughts on this would be appreciated.

Thanks again for coming out to shoot!


Jefferson County Gun Club
Small-bore Prone Results
Competitor Category Match 1 Match 2 Match 3 Match 4 Match 5 Agg
Pool, Bill Scope 400-35 396-31 397-28 396-27 1589-121
Buzen, Fred Scope 400-27 396-26 400-31 399-32 1595-116
Ford, Mark Scope 398-27 392-19 396-18 395-17 1581-81
Scoggin, Caden F/JR 382-15 382-9 389-6 390-10 1543-40
Scoggin, Connor F/JR 392-20 390-17 385-16 393-14 1560-67
Jefferson County Gun Club
Smallbore Prone Results
Competitor Category Match 1 Match 2 Match 3 Match 4 Match 5 Agg.
Pool, Bill Scope 399-29 396-24 397-23 396-24 1588-100
Buzen, Fred Scope 397-26 397-26 395-24 396-27 1585-103
Ford, Mark Scope 397-30 390-16 398-25 391-17 1576-88
Wallis, John Scope 394-15 375-10 397-12 382-8 1548-45
Toney, George F-Class 373-13 384-15 380-7 382 1519-35
Cast Bullet Match 100yds
Wallis, John 196-5
Mayfield, D 193-7



September LR Results

Jefferson County Gun Club
1000yd High Power Results
September 7-8, 2019
Competitor Category Match 1 Match 2 Match 3 Match 4 Match 5 Match 6 Match 7 Match 8 Match 9 Possible
Fuller, K Palma 197-9 196-10 197-9 590-28 194-9 197-6 198-6 589-21 1179-49 1200
Mayfield, D Palma DNF DNF DNF DNF 199-7 194-9 191-9 584-25 584-25 600
Pool, B MR-S 198-7 197-8 189-5 584-20 197-7 187-5 199-8 583-20 1167-40 1200
Wallis, J MR-S 188-3 194-9 195-9 577-21 197-10 195-5 194-5 586-20 1163-41 1200
Horn, R MR-S 194-5 193-9 194-6 581-20 183-2 191-5 DNF 374-7 955-27 1000
Johnston, W FTR 162-1 168-0 DNF 330-1 DNF DNF DNF DNF 330-1 400
Duvall, A FTR DNF DNF DNF DNF 188-4 184-1 188-1 560-6 560-6 600
Moriconi, M F-Open 187-2 193-5 180-1 560-8 192-3 189-4 185-1 566-8 1126-16 1200
Worm, R F-Open 191-6 185-3 184-2 560-11 185-1 185-2 185-0 555-3 1115-14 1200
Pritchard, M F-Open 174-1 173-2 166-0 513-3 172-0 181-1 176-1 539-2 1052-5 1200
Dewailly, B F-Open DNF DNF DNF DNF 188-4 189-3 184-1 561-8 561-8 600
Delancey, D F-Open DNF DNF DNF DNF 179-0 179-2 173-1 531-5 531-3 600
Changose, G F-Open 171-1 167-2 171-2 509-5 DNF DNF DNF DNF 509-5 600
Congrats to everyone for some fine performances on a hot and switchy wind weekend.
As soon as we get more dates scheduled from the ARNG I will get them posted
Thank you for attending!

September LR Match September 7-8


Weather permitting Jefferson County Gun Club will hold a 3 X 20 X 1000yd rifle match at Camp Robinson on September 7-8.

This is our last scheduled match for the year but we are hopeful that additional dates will become available.

Please remember to bring your driver’s license, vehicle registration, and vehicle insurance card to gain access to the Post.

The entries close at 0730hrs each day, with the match starting at 0800hrs each day.

I hope to see you there,

David Mayfield

September SB Match ?


The JCGC small-bore prone match is scheduled for this weekend. It’s a holiday weekend and several of you have indicated that you will be out of town. Please let me know if you plan to attend the match so that I know if anyone will show up.




August LR Match Results

Attached are the results from our August 11, 2019 1000yd match.Congrats to Bill for an outstanding 594 and winning the match. We welcome back Kemp who shot great score of 591 after being off for several months!
Thank you for coming out and bearing the heat, I for one was give out at the end of the day. Hopefully the next match will be a little cooler.

Our next match is scheduled for September 7-8.

Thanks for attending,


Jefferson County Gun Club
1000yd High Power Match Results
Competitor Category Match 1 Match 2 Match 3 Match 4 Agg. Possible
Pool, B Any/Scope 198-5 198-8 198-10 594-23 600
Buzen, F Any/Scope 194-7 195-9 197-8 586-24 600
Wallis, J Any/Scope 195-4 198-8 191-5 584-17 600
Horn, R Palma/Scope 192-7 198-8 195-8 585-23 600
Fuller, K Palma 197-9 198-9 196-4 591-22 600
Mayfield, D Palma 188-2 189-6 191-5 568-13 600
Moriconi, M F-Open 191-6 190-2 187-2 568-10 600


August 1K Match


Jefferson County Gun Club will hold 1000yd matches at Camp Robinson, North Little Rock, AR on the weekend of August 10-11. Well fire three, 20 shots strings each day. The match starts at 0800hrs, entries close at 0730hrs each day. Please remember to bring your driver’s license, vehicle insurance and vehicle registration to gain access to the Post. PLEASE NOTE THAT YOU MUST HAVE PAPER COPIES OF THIS DOCUMENTATION, A PICTURE ON YOUR CELL PHONE IS NOT ACCEPTABLE TO THE ARKANSAS NATIONAL GUARD.

The weather is still HOT in Arkansas so please bring portable shade if possible.

I hope to see you at the match,


July Long Range Match


Jefferson County Gun Club has secured the range at Camp Robinson for the weekend of July 20-21 and we will hold a 3X1000yd match each day.

Please remember to bring your drivers license, vehicle insurance, and vehicle registration to gain access to the Post.

The match will start as close to 0800hrs as possible, entries close by 0730hrs each day.

The weather is likely to be hot so please bring a shade canopy if you have one available.

I hope to see you on the 20th!

David Mayfield