JCGC December 2019 Smallbore Results


Our last small-bore prone match for 2019 was held on a cool morning with light winds, as the day progressed the winds came up a little and the temperature not so much. Neither wind not cold would keep Fred from posting a terrific 1600-123x score for the match! Fred and Bill tied for score on the first match of the day but from there on it was Fred all the way winning every match by a considerable margin! Congratulations to Fred for closing out the 2019 SB season with an outstanding performance! Fred was followed by Bill with a 1597, Jim with a 1590, Mark with a 1586, John with a 1578, and Oscar with a 1527 shooting FTR on the difficult international target.

I would like to thank all those who turned out this year to make our small-bore prone matches a success, your dedication to our sport is what keeps the program alive. 2020 dates have been sent into the NRA, we will shoot in the 1st Saturday of each month with the exception of April (1000yd Match at Camp Robinson, we have dates!), July (July 4 Holiday), October (Missouri Mid-Range Championship), those three months we will hold our matches on the second Saturday of the month.

Our Cast Bullet matches have not seen the growth that I hoped for so this year we will mix in some different rifle combination in hopes that this will lead to some interest. John and I shot a cast bullet match after the SB match and I was able to edge him 199-13 to his 197-7 at 100yds.

I hope you and your families have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


David Mayfield

Jeferson County Gun Club
Smallbore Prone Match
Competitor Category Match 1 Match 2 Match 3 Match 4 Match 5 Agg.
Buzen, Fred Scope 400-34 400-33 400-29 400-27 1600-123
Pool, Bill Scope 400-34 400-25 399-20 398-24 1597-98
Bates, Jim Scope 400-31 397-31 398-27 395-25 1590-114
Ford, Mark Scope 399-34 394-19 397-19 396-21 1586-93
Wallis, John Scope 394-20 391-18 396-17 397-18 1578-73
Hurtado, Oscar FTR 378-9 388-11 382-8 379 1527-28
Cast Bullet Match 100yds
Wallis, John 197-7 Prone/Scope
Mayfield, David 199-13 Prone/Scope