July Smallbore Results


Attached are the results from our July 3, 2021 Small-bore prone match held in Pine Bluff, AR.

Congratulations to Fred for a hard fought battle with Jim for the win. At the end of the day they were separated by one X!

It was great to have Bert and Mark shooting; those F-class target are a real challenge but those two made it look a lot easier than it is!

An unusual cold front entered the state on the evening of the 2nd which led to some great weather for the day! One would think it was April instead of July in Arkansas.

Thanks to all for attending.


Jefferson County Gun Club
Small-bore Prone Results
Competitor Category Match 1 Dewar Match 2 100yds Match 3 50 Meter Match 4 50 yds Match 5 Agg Possible
Buzen, F Scope 399-28 400-31 399-30 399-33 1597-122 1600
Bates, J Scope 399-28 398-26 400-34 400-33 1597-121 1600
Boeckman, M Tacticle 392-10 388 391-17 390-21 1561-48 1600
Dewailley, B FTR 386-5 386 386-12 394-17 1552-34 1600